YOUR TEMPLE: Holistic Heath & Healing

by Dr. Angie Cross, D.C.

Your Temple: Holistic Health & Healing

Your Temple: Holistic Health & Healing






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Book Description

Publication Date: October 18, 2012

The Human Body is your temple and all its functions is a complete miracle. It holds an infinite power to heal itself. The innate intelligence that is taking place every second of every day is working synergistically to produce what we know as Optimal Health. Treating Health from a holistic approach will not only allow the body to do what it was designed to do but also enable you to be in control. Many times looking at what your eating, hormonal health, blood sugar health, spinal alignments, body pH, emotional health, activity level, sleep patterns, and toxic exposure levels will all tell us where your health is headed. To heal your body from a holistic approach you will need to understand the basics in these areas of your health. Your future longevity relies on your being an educated consumer. Be cautious and be wise, your future is counting on your every decision. This is a guide for a Better Body and Optimal Health. It is also a summary of Holistic views on achieving health and healing options. Looking deep into the “whole” person approach as ways to health underlying conditions.

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