My work with clients has given me an endless supply of joy and satisfaction. I am very fortunate and humbled by the compliments I receive for simply doing the work I love.


“I suffered for years with hot flashes, insomnia, and no energy.”

“A friend of mine told me Dr. Angie worked with women on hormonal issues. When I met her she was helpful in explaining what was happening inside my body. I did the saliva test and now started with bio-identical hormones and feel great. I can sleep through the night with no more hot flashes and my energy is back.”

Bev K.


“I was only in my mid 30’s but felt like I was in my 50’s.”

“I had no energy and was isolating myself from my friends and family. I just wanted to sleep and eat. After talking with Dr. Angie I found out I had adrenal fatigue. Now I feel like I am in my 20’s.”

Wendy B.


“I had migraines and headaches constantly…..

after I had my hormones balanced I have none.”

Gena M.


I was to so many doctors trying to find out why I had such horrible periods, pain, and depression.”

“They thought I had fibromyalgia. Come to find out my progesterone was low and I had adrenal fatigue. Dr. Angie helped me and now all my problems are gone. She looks for the underlying causes of what is going on.”

Barb K.


“After having 5 miscarriages and no doctor could explain why…….”

“Dr. Angie tested my hormones and come to find out I had very low progesterone levels. After I found this out I have since had 2 more healthy babies and no more miscarriages.”

Abby H.


“I struggled with a 30 pound weight gain and depression.”

“I was skeptical about saliva testing.  But after Dr. Angie explained how it tests for the active hormones and educated me on the way hormones worked, I agreed to do it. Come to find out I had major hormonal imbalances and adrenal issues. I followed her instructions and took what she recommended. I lost all my weight and my depression is gone!”

Tonya E.


“I had adult acne. I was in my 40’s and my skin looked like a teenager.”

“After finding out my testosterone and DHEA were high and I was low in progesterone. I got my hormones balanced and my skin cleared up in less than a month. Thank you Dr. Angie!”

Joan S.


“I have breast cancer in my family. I was feeling sick and tired all the time.”

I was stressed out and sure I was next. A friend told me about having my hormones checked. I did and come to find out my levels were very bad. I had all the red flags. I got on natural bio-identical replacements and now I feel great. I know this just may have saved my life.”

Barb M.


“This is the safest route to go. Chemical synthetic hormones are not safe and cause many side effects.”

All women should know about bio-identical hormones.”

Michelle S.


“Dr. Angie is passionate about what she does.” 

She is educated and really cares. She has been through her own struggles and that is why she wants so badly to help other women now. She is on fire!

Marci F.