Estrogen Dominance


Craving sweets could be a symptom of  Estrogen Dominance.

Craving sweets could be a symptom of Estrogen Dominance.

When we say “estrogen dominance” what we’re saying is that we have too much estrogen hormone in ratio to progesterone hormone. Remember: All the hormones dance with each other; they work with each other; they support each other. Estrogen and progesterone work with one another. We have to have them in balance. When they’re in balance, when that ratio is good, the woman feels well. She’s at peace with her world; she can handle stress a lot better. So when I say estrogen dominance it means that there’s too much estrogen built up in the blood as compared to the proper ratio of progesterone. So we have to balance that out.

An excess of estrogen is not the cause of estrogen dominance. It’s the lack of progesterone, which is needed to balance the effects of estrogen that creates an unbalance and causes problems to arise.

Women naturally produce estrogen until they go through menopause. Estrogen also comes from the fat and sugar and excess calories that an individual eats and from the estrogen therapy that is sometimes given to women by their physicians. Estrogen dominance can result when the ovaries are not producing the necessary amount of progesterone.

We are all — men, women and children — suffering a little from estrogen dominance, because there is so much of it in our environment. You would have to virtually live in a bubble to escape the excess estrogens we’re exposed to through pesticides, plastics, industrial waste products, car exhaust, meat, soaps and much of the carpeting, furniture and paneling that we live with indoors every day. You may have on-and-off sinus problems, headaches, dry eyes, asthma or cold hands and feet for example, and not know to attribute them to your exposure to xenohormones.

How do I know if I am estrogen dominant?

Estrogen Dominance Chart

Estrogen Dominance Chart

One sure way is to have your hormone levels checked. All hormones should be evaluated: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid. Those labs tests should be standard for any woman having depression problems, mood swings, and other symptoms that show her hormone levels are out of balance. Adrenal function should be evaluated as well. This is a real problem in women today who are often overworked and stressed out.

Estrogen Dominance symptoms:

Beast cancer; breast swelling; fibrocystic breasts; tenderness; decreased sex drive; mood swings; water retention; edema; bloating; heavy or irregular periods; craving for sweets; weight gain on hips and thighs; fibroid tumors; endometrial cancer; ovarian cancer; and increased risk of strokes. Severe allergies can even be related to estrogen over production.

What causes estrogen dominance and what can I do to balance my hormones?

In a healthy hormonal system, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone work together to keep things balanced. From age 35 to 50 your progesterone balance declines by 75%. Your estrogen also declines but in a lesser degree, 35 per cent. These declines in hormone levels can cause havoc in our body.

The first step in balancing your hormones is getting the levels checked.  By checking your levels first, you have a base point to start with.  This also helps to get you on track with the proper steps to getting your body back into balance.

After the testing is complete, we will design a plan based on your levels to get you the best results in the most efficient time frame.  Balancing your hormones does not happen overnight, but with a plan of action we can get you back on your feet and feeling like yourself in no time.

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