Dr. Angie Cross
Welcome!! I am excited we found each other. Women are beautiful and strong creatures God created. We are capable of about anything we set our minds to. We can endure the pain of childbirth, to the monthly hormonal swings, to the mood changes, bleeding, bloating, and hot flashes just to name a few. All only to make us more appreciative of our Hormonal Harmony when it is present!

I have designed 4 Steps for Hormonal Harmony we will go through from the time we meet until you feel balanced. Each phase will guide you through what needs to be done at the present moment. Not to overwhelm you, as I know when hormones are unhappy we get overwhelmed easily. I will share with you each time we visit what I need for you to do and remind you what to expect by our next visit.

I will give you time to digest what we discussed. I will send you reminder emails or newsletters to keep you up on the latest information on hormones and your condition. I will send you a reminder email or phone call/text of our next session.

I understand you want quick results. You just want your life back again. Trust me, I have been there. You want your sex-drive back, you want to sleep better, you want the weight to go away, you want the hair to quit falling out, and most importantly you want your energy back. Over the course our first three months together, we will be meeting at a minimum four times to answer your questions, give you advice on where to improve what you are doing, how to gain overall optimal health, ideas on stress management, sleep, and eating plans. I work gently, yet quickly addressing many areas that contribute to your Hormonal Harmony.

After having gone through my own major hormone struggles and having helped thousands of women over the past 8 years, I feel confident I can help you. I will give you my word, I will certainly try my best for you! If I can’t help you, I can guide you in the right direction as your Health Care Advocate. I expect results because I know and understand the human female body. I am in awe of how God miraculously created the female body.

Now if you are ready to get your life back, get more energy, and find your Hormonal Harmony, please click here for more detailed information on my 4 steps: 4 Steps to Hormonal Harmony. I am excited to be your partner and advocate for overall optimal health, hormonal balance, and inner happiness! I will look forward to meeting you and getting to know you and educating you on your health and body.

Thank you and God Bless you on your journey to Happy Hormones and Health!!!

Dr. Angie Cross, DC and The Hormone Doctor Team – Take The NEXT STEP >